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Dirty Three Wines make Pinot from three different dirts or vineyards in South Gippsland; DIRT 1(Berrys Creek), DIRT 2 (Tilson) and DIRT 3 (Holgates Road). They are three beautiful vineyards, all run lovingly with care and passion. It is Marcus’s aim to make the wines sing loudly about the dirt they were grown in.


Berrys Creek Vineyard

Lovingly tendered by John and David Matthews this vineyard has its home on a lovely north facing slope on the deep red volcanic clays strongly associated with Leongatha and the surrounding dairy farms. Highly fertile and free draining, up to 9m deep in many parts. Planted in 1999, it is the most northern and highest altitude vineyard of the three.

Clones- D2V5, G8V7 & G8V3
Elevation- 150m
Aspect- North
Dirt- Red Volcanic, deep and fertile



Tilson Vineyard

The vineyard lies on the edge of the township in Leongatha. Passionately cared for by Barry and Byron Hill. Here the soil is brown/red, deep and fertile. The site faces east towards the South Gippsland Highway and was planted in 1997.

Clones- MV6 & D5V12
Elevation- 100m
Aspect- East
Dirt- Red/Brown Volcanic, deep and fertile



Holgates Gate Road Vineyard

This is our Estate vineyard that we lease and manage. The soils here are sandy loam over clay, which hold a lot less moisture than the red soil of Dirt 1 & 2, therefore vigour is reduced and bunch and berry size is usually smaller. The vineyard is the closest to the ocean of all 3 and as a result, the cooling winds see it ripen later. It was planted in 1998.

Clones- MV6, D5V12 & D2V5
Elevation- 70m
Aspect- North West
Dirt- Sandy clay loam, free draining, less fertile


Lauriston Vineyard

In 2018 a new vineyard found its way in to the Dirty Three Wines stable. It is owned by Kevin Tannith and James O’Brien and situated in Tenby Point overlooking Westernport Bay. It was Planted in 2001 to Cabernet Franc and Merlot and in 2016 grafted over to Pinot Noir.

Clones- MV6 & Pommard (D2V4)
Elevation- 15m
Aspect- North
Dirt- Coastal grey sandy loam over clay.

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