2019 Sourced by Satch Pinot Gris


Marcus Satchell is our winemaker at Dirty Three Wines. Pretty much everyone knows him as Satchy or Satch. These are his side project wines, his solo records… The vineyards with great stories, the grapes that don’t fit in to the band, but need to be heard. Only available here and at Cellar Door

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Pinot Gris or Pinot Grigio? This wine is firmly in the Pinot Gris camp, voluptuous and a bit of residual sweetness, just how I like it. Pinot Gris can become a bit beige, I’ve strived to paint out the beige and bring some spunk. Silverwaters Vineyard.

Additional Information

Blue Gables, Maffra


Textural, juicy and generous

Tunes to drink by

Adele- Rollin’ in the Deep


70 doz