2012 Sourced by Satch Sparkling Vintage Brut


Marcus Satchell is our winemaker at Dirty Three Wines. Pretty much everyone knows him as Satchy or Satch. These are his side project wines, his solo records… The vineyards with great stories, the grapes that don’t fit in to the band, but need to be heard.

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Sparkling left on lees for 6 years… you don’t see that too often in Australia. I think my brain hurts, or is it my limbic system? It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to grow grapes, but Michael does both. He supplied us with this amazing sparkling wine that we are very grateful for.

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Limbic, West Gippsland


Full bodied, complex, creamy but crisp

TUNES to drink by

Cannonball Adderley- Somethin’ Else