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About Us


Welcome to Dirty Three Wines.

We are a small winery, run by husband and wife team Lisa Sartori and Marcus Satchell. Our homeland is Gippsland, where we grow and make Pinot Noir from our three distinct “dirts”. Our winery is in the heart of South Gippsland, Victoria somewhere along the coast between the Penguins and the Prom.

We make with soul, that sing of the dirt in which they’re grown. The path we follow is quite simple... grow fantastic fruit and pick it just at the right moment. Doing this enables us to use as little artificial adjustments in the winery as possible. We make wines with purity, balance and harmony.

Marcus Satchell

Marcus is our winemaker and co-owner. Born and bred in South Gippsland, Marcus has the region running through his veins. Having spent the last 12 years back home in Gippsland, kicking around dirt and helping shape many wines with many vineyards, there is isn’t much about vineyards and wines from Gippsland that he doesn’t know. He spent his formative years in the Yarra Valley and overseas forming friendships and working with some of the best in the business. Mentors and friends that he holds dear to his heart drive his ongoing pursuit of making better and better wine. If he’s not off consulting, wine judging, pruning vines or talking passionately about his craft, you might find him out in the surf or playing music around town.

Lisa Sartori

Lisa is co-owner and the great all rounder of our team. Whether it’s pruning vines, tractor work, netting, mowing, doing the books or taking deliveries around the countryside, you are also sure to see her welcoming smile at our new tasting room in Inverloch. Stepping out of her corporate banking career and in to the paddock with Marcus, has been a brave and some say crazy move, however Lisa has taken to it like a duck to water.

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