Somewhere along the coast between the Penguins and the Prom…


Not too many people know about Gippsland. Or it’s beautiful country side and beaches. Or its amazing produce. Or the fact that its a place to grow awesome wine, and most importantly, really amazing Pinot Noir.
Well, Dirty Three Wines want to help change all that and take you on their little journey of making Pinot Noir in Gippsland. Marcus and Lisa are a husband and wife team who have a passion for making great wine from the region they both grew up in.






Dirty Three Wines make Pinot from three different dirts or vineyards in South Gippsland; DIRT 1(Berrys Creek), DIRT 2 (Tilson) and DIRT 3 (Holgates Road). They are three beautiful vineyards, all run lovingly with care and passion. It is Marcus’s aim to make the wines sing loudly about the dirt they were grown in.